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MrStitch Corvette Service
Find your Corvette Upholstery Kit and we will install it for you
for 58.00 per hour labor

See the Corvette Projects we have done!
Convertible-Tops and Seat Upholstery we have installed
for our Customers and local Auto companys

Click on photos for full screen view

Monster vs MrStitch Vette at the San Mateo Fairgrounds
MrMonster Vette 05.JPG (1513024 bytes)

84 to 96 Roof Headliners
85Vette Red Glass Top.JPG (1334123 bytes) 85Vette Red Glass Top Headliner.JPG (1278064 bytes)
85 vette top for Deputy Sheriff Jerry Sergen

1968 Corvette Roadster

Vette 68 Roadster Turpen 0055.JPG (2988093 bytes) Vette 68 Roadster Turpen 0050.JPG (2195906 bytes) Vette 68 Roadster Turpen 0048.jpg (3208996 bytes)

installed cloth top from AlknockVette and carpet kit with pad 3/25/08
for owner Lou Turpen

1998 Corvette Top Install

See the rear window before we replaced it

Before After
See the inner pad updates we do for this vette the bows are bare from the factory and will have a skin and bones look if this mod is not done Using Velcro with adhesive backing plus tape!
Before After

1963 Covette Split Window Coupe
Black Widow

Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 005.JPG (1659730 bytes) Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 006.JPG (2429376 bytes) Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 007.jpg (2340040 bytes)
we installed the 3 piece vinyl sections/ Split window bar and sides
plus installed rear quarter trim panels
Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 000.JPG (1448454 bytes)Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 001.JPG (2074587 bytes)Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 003.JPG (4007901 bytes)Corvette 63 Black SplitWindow 004.JPG (3605169 bytes)
before and after
for owners Father to Son vette Jason Pewitt


1971 454 Red Corvette

 Corvette 454 Barrett 02 .JPG (215789 bytes) Corvette 454 Barrett 01.JPG (342463 bytes) Corvette 454 Barrett 03.JPG (211582 bytes)

we did a interior install for this Big Block Monster 6/23/06
customer bought it new back in the day from chevy dealer
this car is owned by Barrett Anderson


1967 Corvette 427 Roadster

Westcoast10.jpg (109302 bytes) 67Vette Prodject  5/6/05

see the West Coast Vette   67/427 Vette Pictures
installation of OEM carpet kit and rear compartment  by

west01.JPG (214151 bytes) westcoast05.JPG (180068 bytes) westcoast07.JPG (212798 bytes) westcoast06.JPG (224412 bytes)

70 Star Way Burlingame,Ca. 94010
call  Gary  at the shop  650 344-6926
to get your vette restored or customized in the SF Bay Area!
Gary Christensen

See the 1973 Vette customer reveiw by MARIA

1963 Corvette Split Window Stingray

 Matisi63Vette01.JPG (187854 bytes) Matisi63Vette03.jpg (100324 bytes)See the Vintage Flares and three tail lights custom mods that were done back in the day! 
Al Knock Corvette Upholstery Kit Pictures
for 1963 Split Window Stingray

AlKnock01.JPG (160517 bytes)    AlKnock02.JPG (199781 bytes)
Great Customer service from  
they really helped mrstitch install
this custom seat kit have the look our customer wanted !
for Michael Matisi  5/10/05


1973 Corvette Yellow Jacket
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket 0.JPG (1610641 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket 00.JPG (1759458 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats Installed 00.jpg (2441031 bytes)
for Forrest Durham
project 4/20/09
restoring the seats and installing corvette america seat and foam kit
we removed the old upholstery to get to the frames to see what was the condition of the metal before we install the seat assembly
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 0.JPG (1989767 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 00.JPG (1793184 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 01.JPG (2135744 bytes)
See the pics of corvette seat frames before we prep and coat
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 06.JPG (2029734 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 03.JPG (1643132 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 02.JPG (1506192 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 04.JPG (1741372 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 09.JPG (2043235 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 08.JPG (1997625 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 07.JPG (2172757 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 05.JPG (1664510 bytes)
1st weld the missing inner frame threaded nuts and split frame tears
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 10.JPG (2578164 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 11.JPG (2528188 bytes)
Painted cushion and backrest frames with burlap
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 13.JPG (2282169 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 12.JPG (1882395 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 14.JPG (1586688 bytes)Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 16.JPG (1534002 bytes)
Next install new inner wires and cushion seat clips for covers
Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 20.JPG (1742856 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 21.JPG (1640861 bytes) basic fit before clip install
Finished see the OEM look!
    Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 24.JPG (2390315 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats Installed.jpg (2148302 bytes) Corvette 73 Yellow Jacket Seats 25.JPG (2757638 bytes)

1967 Fastback
67VetteTorre 01.jpg (103479 bytes) 67VetteTorre02.jpg (101630 bytes) 67VetteTorre03.jpg (104138 bytes)
Leather Seat Kit and Carpet installation for Gary Torre

This Vette has been shown
at the Dream Machines Car Show
in Half Moon Bay, California 

1964 Fastback

 64Red Vette Strause.JPG (265181 bytes) 64 Vette Strauss Car show in Aug1708.JPG (1786768 bytes)

see the vette and MrStrauss at the 12 Annual car crazy show and BBQ 8/17/07
This vette is in Original condition and looks Really Nice! Just like back in the day 
we did seat frames update with new burlap straps and webbing 8/06

1969 Red Vette
69 RedVette Aspoy0.jpg (135164 bytes)
Leather and foam installed
69 Vette Seats Aspoy.jpg (3002845 bytes) 69 Vette Seats Aspoy 00.jpg (3537246 bytes)
for Mr.Aspoy

72 Vette Leather Seats

Before After
Complete Restoration Foam and Frames for Mr.Day Leather by

Seat mod for the Top Cop Vette Owner

SMPDVette01.jpg (32258 bytes)

Support Our Troops!
Police PD- Fire FD and USA Armed Forces


Custom Super White Vette Top
We asked New Coast Fabrics for a top material
that is not the dull look as the oem color and they came up with this Bright color

installed for Mike Wang
TANGOS Automotive
Center call them at 650 345-5440

Tango left.jpg (89236 bytes)   Tango L Rear.jpg (214244 bytes)

See the Mike Wang TANGOS Auto Info on Our Services Page

See our web page that shows what it takes to install a vintage vette convertible top
1967 Vette Roadster Top Pictures


MrStitch 1976 C3 L-48 Daytona Vette

   MrVette Taxi 01.jpg (3011080 bytes) Stingray Decal 00.JPG (1976291 bytes)

this car has been upgraded with new tech products from many companys

we will add the updates as the vette aftermarket assemblies are installed

One of kind Vette!  Special Edition car click to see photos

Daytona Fender Louvers
vintage mold from made by 
mrstitch hand cut the front end glass himself

See the MrStitch Corvette Picture shown at the

ECKLER`S Exterior Accessories - Fender Louvers  Web pages

the before vette front end with no louvers installed
MrstVettefront05.jpg (41827 bytes)

This gives the Vette front end
a one of a kind sleek cut look that no vette on the street has!
Plus the extra cooling it gives the disk brakes !
the air runs through the body like water into a sharks mouth and out the gills

MrSt76VetteLouver01.JPG (171190 bytes)     MrSt76VetteLouver02.JPG (203936 bytes)   MrSt76VetteLouver04.JPG (148359 bytes)       MrSt76VetteLouver03.JPG (185852 bytes)


MrVette Seats00.JPG (897607 bytes)  MrVette Seats001.JPG (1047843 bytes)  Lens Vette Dash 00.JPG (932356 bytes)
See the Hand cut Seat upholstery Comfortweave with Blue bead and Vette logo sewn

VETTE BRAKES and  Suspension Products
MRST 76 Vette L48 Plate 001.JPG (2124273 bytes)
call 800 237-9991
to get your new front end system like mrstitch
Composite Monospring  Front  Suspension 

76VetteVBP04.JPG (698423 bytes)     76VetteVBP00.JPG (889783 bytes)

mrstitch says:  that the new feel of the vette steering is so nice and easy to control at any speed with ease, the car body has less stress on it , now that the old steel rear spring and the old stlye A arms have been removed with the updates
the this is now a true shark on corners, with the composite springs installed front and rear

Smart Struts by Vansteel.coml are used on our vette rear end

Send your old Vette A arms to them restored our get a credit for purchase
Daytona Vette has a new rear suspension  with composite mono spring installed by
West Coast Corvette
new air conditioning complete assembly with updates

MrStitch L-48 Daytona Vette has a new rear suspension installed by this company
and the shop is now  updateing  the air conditioning assembly

L/48 Engine 350cid 8.5:1 comp ratio

GM built  this car in 4/75 Sold as 76 with the new options
this small block runs really smooth at idle, has a stealth sound

Lens Vette Motor 01.JPG (368922 bytes) Lens Vette Motor 02.JPG (353763 bytes)

OEM Engine updates :
runs better and cleaner since we installed MagnaFlow Dual Spun Cats Catalyic Converters

MSD  Digital HEI  Ignition kit with blaster coil, Cap and wires

and old style rocker arms with Magnum
Roller Rockers 

Alumium Radiator

Edelbrock water pump,intake manifold with EGR
that meet the CARB specs!

This L-48 vette is not a hot rod ! it is a low horse power vette that has a stunning look with suspension and engine mods that make this stingray a demon when it comes to fast starts and cornering on the streets!


See the MrStitch 1976 Project Corvette with Front end louvers

  Picture shown at
ECKLER`S Exterior Accessories - Fender Louvers  Website

Thanks to: Eckler`s tech support with the history about  the creation of the
1968-82 Daytona Louver Mold
s Part# 10363

MrStitch 1976 Corvette goes Green!
  with New fuel charchoal evaporator installed 5/26/07
New MagnaFlow Dual Catalytic converters installed 7/4/07

Thanks to Chris ,Tech at Magnaflow and Mike, at Pro3i for the great help!
Spun Cats installed on the MrStitch vette get yours at

new info and links about the mrstitch corvette project
we will add the companies that have helped us and can help you make your vette look and run great



1972  Custom Corvette Convertible

mrstitch restored  this car for Dr. Mark J. Cleaner
Complete restoration  Paint - Body - Frame - Leather Interior

Back in the day of Nitro Cellulose Lacquer- 30 coats of paint

This Vette won all the Car Shows in Ca in its class
The door jams have the same amount of paint that the top coat on the corvette body

so opening the door you see tons of depth and detail


  We removed :The Body From the Frame to do this car,
it was a big job that took a lot of time to be completed , we thought we were just like the movie.

See the Corvette Car Photos at the San Francisco Cow Palace Car Show

72VetteMCleaner01.jpg (42912 bytes)  72CorvetteCarshow.jpg (71750 bytes)
Dr Mark Cleaner has recieved many Trophys from car shows
after the restoration by mrstitch
and friends


It was like the CORVETTE Summer Movie before they made it!
back in the day!
a cast of 1000,s
of high school kids helped restore this car
Crestmore , El Camino , SSF ,San Mateo , HMB, Mills , Bayside middle
,Ponderosa,Rollingwood, Buri Burdi

Rod Lopiccolo - Martin McDermott - Larry Toarmina- Chucky Wright 63vetteChopper!  
Bob Robinson  - John Rinaldi- Meathead - Mike and Kevin Duca
Joey  Morehatch - Duke Pagan - Jessie and John Ashcraft - Irwin Bunge and CJ
Fred Anchetta- Paul Aragona- Ray Torres- Artie Shaddox-George Perada
Jenny Reed- Rita LeBlanc - Vivian, Debbie and Patricia Guisto- Twins Patricia and Joan Charles
to many to list

CORVETTE  Upholstery Web sites

we have installed many kits made by these companys!

They have Catalogs and web-sites to help you find your Corvette info

Vette Upholstery Kits and Trim Links

Corvette Auto USA

Paragon Corvette Reproductions

Al Knoch
Al Knochs Corvette Upholstery-Tops


Eckler`s Vettes

VBP Vette Brakes and Suspension Products

Mid America

Corvette Guys

Year One Corvettes

Corvette Central

Corvette Clubs and info

Smokin Vettes /Corvette Forum and Info
Great Vette sites, Editor reviewed
ROWLEY Corvette Webs see the links and info
www.Corvette Car



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