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Welcome to MrStitch Amp Covers 
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to see each picture on this page


  Bring your amp to us for In Shop Service
so we can recover your amp or speaker box as specified by you!
Want your cover to look like the amp engine you own!

Plus we recover vintage fender rhodes!
for all amps created on the earth today and yesterday!

see the mods we have done!
see how we sew amp patterns
www.mrstitch logos page

Custom made covers as Specified! You make the patterns and we will Duplicate!
send us paper patterns of your amp or rack mixer
See pattern Example Before After

Basic Slip on Covers for 69.00
See the cover we can make for your amp or mixer

Ampcover Mackie Mixer 0.JPG (1938659 bytes) Ampcover Mackie Mixer.JPG (2427467 bytes) Ampcover Mackie Mixer 00.jpg (2718716 bytes) Ampcover Mackie Mixer 01.jpg (2137298 bytes) Ampcover Mackie Mixer 02.jpg (2514352 bytes)
Cover with blue bead and rear pocket with zipper for Mackie 808S made for Mr.Kong

Heavy Duty Cloth Covers made in Cordura
SWR Amp.jpg (19299771 bytes) SWR Cloth AmpCover 0.jpg (364492 bytes) SWR Cloth AmpCover.jpg (4901583 bytes)
See the SWR Amp with mrstitch custom made cover

ANVILL CASE RESTORED! GET your old case relined with NEW FOAM!
See the work we did for CAE SOUND

Roland Micro Cube Amp Cover for Veteran Pilot  Bill Wardwell that flies new missions with his guitar!

Matchless Custom Amp Cover
Amp Cover Matchless15  00.JPG (387100 bytes) Amp Cover Matchless15  01.JPG (379625 bytes) Amp Cover Matchless15  02.jpg (544466 bytes)

Purple Haze Tolex  on Marshall Amp for Darren Brooks

Marshall  Randy Rhodes Clone Amp Cab


See the cab get new tolex!  We followed the original design specs! when making patterns.
For Guitarist Darren Brooks

1973 Music Man Amp 115-HD
Before and After Photos of the color and material change that many amp owners want to do to get the new look to match other cabinets on stage See the tolex and grill cloth replaced using Mojo Music Supply materials!

Tthe Old Original Cab Black Tolex and Grey
Music Man Amp Old 115 HD 00.JPG (2341995 bytes)  Music Man Amp Old 115 HD 0.JPG (2349193 bytes)  Music Man Amp Old 115 HD 02.jpg (3474115 bytes)
The New Look! Tolex and Speaker Grill Material
Music Man Amp New 115 HD 00.JPG (3840400 bytes)  Music Man Amp New 115 HD .JPG (2195841 bytes)  Music Man Amp New 115 HD 01.JPG (4649671 bytes)
For Richard Smith owner Music Man Amp Cab

Amp Cabinet Accessory Zippered Storage Bags
attaches to amp with no mods just snap it on for the gig!
see the Mesa Boogie Bass 400 Custom made Cab with the gig bag

Amp Bag Mesa Boogie Bass 400 01.JPG (1953970 bytes)

Amp Bag Mesa Boogie Bass 400 00.JPG (2363596 bytes)Amp Bag Mesa Boogie Bass 400.JPG (1654002 bytes)Amp Bag Mesa Boogie Bass 400 0.JPG (2393524 bytes)Amp Cord Strap Mesa Boogie Bass 400.JPG (3309162 bytes)
Power cord velcro straps for rear panel
 YAMAHA Speaker Monitor MS605 Cover

New! Thick car bra vinyl with soft backing and Zipper Pocket

 for Mr. Dennis KONG Bass Man!

Line 6 Amp Covers for 69.00 Black with White Bead

  Line 6 Amp Cover.jpg (129357 bytes)  Line 6 Amp.jpg (213701 bytes)

this cover made for Mr.Soriano

See the Line 6 Customer Review!

Holand Amp Cab

New Tolex installed!
Customer removed the old  material so we can cut patterns and glue new tolex supplied!
see the bare cab before our work!

For Holand Amp Owner: Mike Dilks

See the tolex a company sold to customer with bad tolex backing that came apart when installing Bad Tolex.JPG (1982701 bytes)

Before Holand Amp Cab raw wood 0.JPG (4042611 bytes)Holand Amp Cab raw wood 02.JPG (4364274 bytes) AfterHoland Amp Cab New Tolex 101.JPG (2712516 bytes) Holand Amp Cab New Tolex 000.JPG (2831644 bytes) Holand Amp Cab New Tolex 003.JPG (1839492 bytes)

Low Down Sound Bass Cab covers with rear zippered pocket

 AmpCab LDS cover Kong 00.JPG (3683025 bytes)

  AmpCab LDS cover Kong 01.JPG (2996351 bytes)  AmpCab LDS cover Kong 02.JPG (3136231 bytes)  AmpCab LDS cover Kong 03.JPG (3139997 bytes)

Model# LT 283 wapt for Bassman owner Dennis Kong

Vintone Amp Custom Cover

for Mr.Fethe

VICTORIA 3 / 10 Combo
See how we made this Victoria Amp cover patterns
Fethe front02.jpg (105737 bytes)   Fethe02.jpg (90817 bytes)   Fethe rear06.jpg (102888 bytes)   Fethe01.jpg (104262 bytes)
ENDURATEX Vinyl mrstitch Amp cover Project
for Mr.Fethe

Custom Covers that Resemble the amp face

Fethe amp.jpg (53127 bytes) Fethe ampcovers.jpg (51782 bytes)
for Mr. Fethe
music history bio  Harold Fethe

Fender Brown Face Concert Amp Cover with Logo made
ConsertTollex 04.jpg (206007 bytes) Consert Amp Logo 01.jpg (178734 bytes)  ConsertTolex 01.jpg (141226 bytes)
Cab Callaway Vintage Look!

MARSHALL 2/12 Cab Cover
Thick pad and Mr BlackTwill® material used to protect this cab

MARSHALL 2 12 CAB AMP 00.JPG (209315 bytes) MARSHALL 2 12 AMP COVER 01.JPG (3808590 bytes)


MARSHALL 4/12 Piggyback

Covered in Super White

The Rodger Couto Amp - Marshall Head and Cab

       Rogeramp03.jpg (72268 bytes)    RogerManAmp01.jpg (149270 bytes)

The cabinet is handmade from solid wood copying the marshall design specs
we used mojotone materials to recover

Reverb / Head / Speaker  Boxes
See the hand cut Tolex we glued to these Combos
we can restore your old amp to look like back in the day!
Blond_fender_amps.jpg (1542323 bytes)      
GreenCustom_Amps.jpg (1051116 bytes)

Factory Original Design - Patterns Glued to Aftermarket  ampboxes
The tolex we installed  was supplied by
for  Mr. KENWOOD

Amp Cover Logos for your Band
we can sew your name on to your amp cover

Jason and Dan Band amps.jpg (148314 bytes)

click on photo to see the look of these guys
when they saw the name Vile sewn on their amp covers
and then went on a world tour

Jason Avilla -Singer
Dan Tambini Bio
Guitar  Band web info

  www.Zero Mind Web Links

Fender Rhodes Cab recovered in Grey
Fender Text00.JPG (177884 bytes)                              Fender Rhodes Grey tolex00.JPG (1084566 bytes)
see the wild text drawn at the FENDER FACTORY on the cab!
That we found when removing the original material
do you know what this says or means?
Are there any messages seen on other fender products under the oem tolex from the factory?



Fender 73 Rhoads Cabinet Restore Project  8/27/08

Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 16.jpg (1903984 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 17.jpg (2519098 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 18.jpg (2673741 bytes)

See how we steam the old original tolex to save the patterns for customer and fill a huge knot hole in the wood cab
Next glue on the new tolex from

Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 00.JPG (2429133 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 01.JPG (2124770 bytes) Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 15.jpg (3352724 bytes)

Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 02.JPG (2032717 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 03.JPG (1865331 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 04.JPG (2439344 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 05.JPG (2410765 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 08.JPG (2431907 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 09.JPG (2183482 bytes)

Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 10.JPG (1848211 bytes)  Fender 73 Rhoads Cab Weber 12.JPG (1553527 bytes)

Note to DIY , when removing the old tolex material you have to save the original patterns so you can locate the oem holes for reinstall of hardware!

for Rhoads owner Paul Weber


RHODES Mark1 CBS Project  8/15/07

recovering the 2 cabs and single board in black tolex from

Rhodes Von 000.JPG (113628 bytes)  
Rhodes Von 00.JPG (89892 bytes)    Rhodes Von 02.jpg (822120 bytes)

    Rhodes Von 03.jpg (1048160 bytes)   Rhodes Von 04.jpg (88411 bytes)   Rhodes Von Holder00.JPG (174661 bytes)
for David von Holder
Piano lessons in your home 510 282-4458


Vintage Gretsch Guitar

Custom Rear Pads made for missing cover

Gretsch GuitarTorrez mod.jpg (582054 bytes)       Gretsch Guitar Rear Cover Pad.jpg (133238 bytes)

OEM Rear Pad Cover installed Black Vinyl with Gold Bead
Get your Gretsch Guitar back panel restored Now!

MrStitch Guitars
Mr.Stets at got me a new! Lefty setup for my new Ephiphone G-400 Pro 
t is amazing! the unit has as distinctive tone and feel!

Rosie Tran and the mrstitch Hendrix 68 stratocaster

Rosie Tran Guitar.jpg (444818 bytes) Strat 68 Reissue 007.jpg (3774522 bytes)
see the lefthanded neck nut! to identify!

Torres Amp  Engineering  mod for mrstitch shop amps
2 Vibro Champs  small size with big scorching  tone!

TorresTruck.gif (193228 bytes)wpe71733.gif (298899 bytes)amp cover mrstitch truck photos

Black and Silver face combined
Dual amps with line out mod and master volume for full tone signal
Massive sound when the champs are used as a pair!


ALTEC - Sub Speaker boxes

Before and after Restoration

Radold.jpg (195205 bytes)
    Radnew.jpg (195833 bytes)     Altec3.jpg (53394 bytes)     Altec1.jpg (45323 bytes)

See the look with Viper-Vinyl
Altec - OEM Design restoration  
R&R old dried up Vinyl Covering and Hardware
Block Sand Wood to to remove dents and low spots 
Cut Patterns to match the Original Design
Clean Hardware with Metal Prep
Paint and Seal hardware with  Kent Ind - Satin Black 
Hand Seal the Edges with silicone

See the guitars and amps used by RADLKANE

See the Dennis Kong Bass Amp Covers

    Amp Web Sites

Visit the Web Links we have added below to help you find your cover Now!

  Buy your Custom Tolex amp material at
and we will install it for you! on your Amp Cab for $58.00 Per Hour

Get Your Amp Serviced or Purchase a New Custom Amp at

Find your AmpCovers on the Web

Tuki Amp Covers 800 344-8854
TUKI website

FlipTop amp covers for Ampeg users 716 886-1585
Fliptop WebSITE

LE Amp Covers  800 228- 3878
LE Amp Web Site

Fretland Amp Covers   877 712- 4747
Fretland Web Site

MojoTone Accessories
Original Factory Amp Covers
800 927-6656
Mojotone Web Site

MUSICIANS FRIEND  - worlds largest  musical gear company
Buy a new Amp Now!

Beatles BN Web ad pic.jpg (14765 bytes)

Fab Four's entire catalog on digitally remastered CDs


MrStitch Approved! Amp and Guitar Repair Shops

Get your AMP and Guitar Fixed or Customized Now!

California Guitars

guitar`s fixed or updated!
by Grant Baldwin

Get a new Custom Thick V or Round Neck!
will make your old or new fender sound and feel effortless while playing with big ringing tone!

Call the guitar shop for Estimate at  650 592-5700 or Send Email

Torres Engineering Amps and Mods

repair and restoration of New and Vintage Amps
be advised! to pay 160.00 service charge even if they can fix it or not!
if you have a lot of money to blow this is your choice!


Mr.Stets got me a new! Lefty setup for my new Ephiphone G-400 Pro 
t is amazing! the unit has as distinctive tone and feel!

Wammi World

MrStitch Ibanez Bass_1.jpg (406567 bytes)
see the Kahler® 7410 4 string bass tremolo installed on the custom mrstitch lefty Ibanez

Kahler go-to guy John "Wammi J" Cecchini
tremolo assemblies
951 541-2387

Get Ready for the prices!

$69.00 $90.00  $160.00  $260.00   
for your custom mrstitch amp cab cover!

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send us your Web site info!

we will let you know if you can be mrstitch Approved!



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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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