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MrStitch Auto Headliner Replacement Services

MrStitch can Recover your Volvo and Saab Headliner Now!

Are you tired of that  sagging headliner
hanging over your head?

Get your cars falling headliner replaced Now!

Ask mrstitch for a free estimate
About your Auto Headliner and Sunroof Problems

Recover your Cars Headliner
for any make and model 
Car or Truck
Vintage and New!

Get it replaced Now! at our shop
See how we recover  your Auto Headliner roof panel
Headliner board Ford.jpg (496584 bytes)    headliner 3.jpg (16948 bytes)   Headliner 1.jpg (55896 bytes)   Headliner board inred.jpg (583234 bytes)


Basic Headliner Replacement Prices
58.00 per hour labor
Molded roof board Generic 180.00
with side panels 240.00
Full size car 260.00
ask us for an estimate on your vehicle

Import Car with
Aftermarket Headliner with Sunroof 340.00 and up!

Cash Saving Auto Headliner Repairs! by MrStitch

Installing simple push in Button Clips that are dyed to match color to stop the rear section sagging

Before Repair Jaguar 98 Vanden Plas HLiner Repair 0.JPG (3165191 bytes) afterJaguar 98 Vanden Plas HLiner Repair 00.JPG (1373792 bytes) 4/29/09

for Mr.Abatemarco 1998 Jaguar Vanden Plas

Headliner Repair Buttons 00.jpg (2641891 bytes) Headliner Repair Buttons 0.jpg (2599212 bytes)
installed buttons Jaguar Vanden Plas

Is the rear section in the back window starting to come loose?
Does your cars interior headliner material need a quick and easy fix? Contact   MrStitch

See the headliner repair Before Headliner Repair Rear Window Old.JPG (2714560 bytes) After Headliner Repair Rear Window New 0.JPG (1717731 bytes) Headliner Repair Rear Window New 00.JPG (2473625 bytes)

Jaguar  87 XJ6 V12 Headliner Recovered Pictures

Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 0.jpg (2577956 bytes) Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12.JPG (2358799 bytes)
see how we can replace the old material falling down on your XJ6

Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 00.JPG (1266095 bytes) Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 01.JPG (1297427 bytes) headliner assembly removed! see the bare roof metal
Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 02.JPG (1300747 bytes) Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 04.JPG (1593023 bytes) Jag Hliner 87 XJ6 V12 03.JPG (1419534 bytes) finished! see the new look! with the mrstitch xj6 headliner installation

Rover interior Split Board headliner recovered stitch style

Rover Headliner 00.jpg (2435506 bytes) Rover Headliner 01.JPG (1572710 bytes)
we cut the headliner assembly into two sections

2002 Land Rover Discovery
Rover Discovery H-Liner 00.JPG (1473418 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 0.JPG (1477243 bytes)
headliner before

Rover Discovery H-Liner 01.JPG (1630346 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 02.JPG (2203201 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 03.JPG (1897176 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 04.JPG (1920216 bytes)
Removing the old material

Rover Discovery H-Liner 06.JPG (1528634 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 09.JPG (1718462 bytes) Rover Discovery H-Liner 07.JPG (1527379 bytes)
New material installed 60" Lt Titanium from KeystonBros
for Vincent Castro

Cadillac 93 Concourse Headliner Replacement Project Aftermarket ASC

Cadillac 93Concourse Heidi Front.jpg (3257550 bytes) Cadillac 93Concourse Heidi Rear.jpg (3436124 bytes) see Heide with her Car

See the inner works of the old assembly before mrstitch updates with new material
Cadillac 93 Heidi  Headliner 00.jpg (3095383 bytes) Cadillac 93 Heidi  Headliner 0.jpg (3037693 bytes) Cadillac 93 Heidi  Headliner 01.JPG (1478446 bytes)
for customer car  Health by

Custom Auto Headliners with LOGO

Create your own design or car logo for your vehicle!
Get your cars headliner customized now!

ALHFChevyMonteCarlo01.jpg (68738 bytes)  ALHFChevyMonteCarlo04.jpg (56857 bytes)
See how we cut foam to make your design
   Alf SS05.jpg (188452 bytes)   Monte Carlo Headliner SS Logo 00.jpg (174356 bytes)   Monte Carlo Headliner SS Logo 02.jpg (132683 bytes)   Alf SS04.jpg (152876 bytes)    Monte Carlo Headliner SS Logo 06.jpg (212040 bytes)     
See the MonteCarlo SS LOGO for Gary Ahlf

BARACUDA Headliners Recovered
see the Cuda Headliner Pictures


See the Jaguar XJ and Vanden Plas style without removing the rear window
mrstitch® Jag split molded board 
with this option you save you 600.00
or more to remove the glass and replace the rubber seals

JagHliner1.jpg (78168 bytes)  JagHliner2.jpg (85569 bytes)

Click on to see the full screen photos 840.00 installed


Saab Headliner 00.JPG (916138 bytes)  Saab Headliner 01.JPG (262658 bytes)  Saab Headliner 02.JPG (266130 bytes)  Volvo Headliner 00.jpg (102782 bytes)  Volvo Headliner 01.jpg (102124 bytes)


We install many Buick Headliners
see our listing in! 
or find Buick car info

See the Buick Regal headliner BEFORE and AFTER

Buick Regal Headliner 00.JPG (1612610 bytes)  Buick Regal Headliner 02.JPG (1406315 bytes)

Do it yourself Headliner Kits
that you can buy Now!
so you can do your own Headliner 

Installing your own Auto Headliner Web Site

installing Headliners by Ron Fryer (editors note: these instructions are
for pre-made headliners but you'll get the idea on how it is done)

Find a Replacement Headliner for your car!

Molded ABS roof assemblies
800 624-4470  
800 222-9577  
360 574- 8070    
800 529- 4486
800 722-2292

We use this company to get a ready made Auto Headliners to install into your Car like the OEM
Shop Owners only!

Acme Auto Headliners 800 288-6078

See WLS WebSite Headliners for kits and installation info
WLS Headliners - Auto Interior Specialists!

We will add new info about our MrStitch headliner installations

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 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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