Z/28 Camaro
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MrStitch installs a Original Upholstery kit to be just like back in the Day!


The mrstitch Z/28 interior stood toe to toe with with to best interiors shown at many car shows!
See mrstitch at the 2008 Palo Alto Concours D`Elegance at Stanford
MrStitch Concours show 2008 00.JPG (2538518 bytes)

New!   MrStitch Z/28 OEM Upholstery Kit install

69 Z28 Campbell front.jpg (456353 bytes)   69 Z28 Campbell Rear.jpg (450362 bytes)

See the Car Shows this Z/28 has been to:

The Forty Second Palo Alto Concours d`Elagance at Stanford University Sunday, June 22,2008

See owner of 1969 Z/28 John Campbell at the Concours

Concours car show 2008 Campbell Z28 00.JPG (1747603 bytes)

The 41st annual Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance
www.paconcours.com/ SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2007

Car Crazy 12th Annual Car Show & BBQ 2007 AMS Camaro Car Crazy Show 2007  BBQ 00.jpg (1809768 bytes)

Z28 Seats Campbell 02.JPG (452547 bytes)    Z28 Seats Campbell 01.JPG (457659 bytes)   69 Z28 Campbell Doorpanel00.JPG (887410 bytes)

See the project in 07 we are working on

with help from

Auto Metal Svc.com
is painting the car with ppg materials

for John Campbell owner of the 1969 Camaro Z /28

The owner of this mean green 1969 OEM Z /28 is doing a complete restoration using the specs from vintage GM diagrams
and using the Kits and Trim parts supplied by

HEADLINER - Prep and install Work
when we removed the old oem headliner material
we found , the Bows  and the old nasty pad needed to be replaced
customer purchased new bows to replace the old rusty parts and old pad that Jon at Auto Metal Svc removed.

Z2801.JPG (658876 bytes)   Z2802.JPG (271413 bytes)   Z28 Roof00.JPG (811139 bytes)

see the new metal surface after Jon at auto metal did the dirty work removing the old roof pad
this took many hours cleaning the rust and spraying the new sealer

  Z28 Roof Campbell 02.JPG (325728 bytes)    Z28 Roof Cambell 01.JPG (892126 bytes)
next new pad is glued to the roof sections and the quarters

69 Z28 Campbell Headliner00.jpg (336450 bytes)   69 Z28 Campbell Headliner04.jpg (475371 bytes)

Finished Headiner

Parts are cleaned with acid and coated with Sem Rust Shield

Z28 Campbell parts01.JPG (264939 bytes)     Z28 Campbell parts03.JPG (306373 bytes)     Z28 Campbell parts04.JPG (285797 bytes)     Z28 Campbell parts05.JPG (242410 bytes)     Z28 Campbell parts06.JPG (312190 bytes)

Front bucket seats look great! with the
PUI Covers and American Cushion foam installed

Z28 Campbell Front Seats00.JPG (3110033 bytes)     Z28 Campbell Front Seats02.JPG (3377044 bytes)

See the old rusty seat frames we restored start to finish
Z28 Seats Cambell 00.JPG (1120377 bytes)

frames are washed in acid then the broken oem springs were mig welded by Paul at Auto Metal
Sem Rust Shield is applied to frames and new burlap and jute felt are then installed

Z28 Seats Cambell 01.JPG (871844 bytes)     Z28 Seats Cambell 02.JPG (887209 bytes)     Z28 Seats Cambell 03.JPG (881983 bytes)     Z28 Seats Cambell 04.JPG (909831 bytes)  

Next we install the PUI seat kit and foam pad American Cushions,  from StevesCamaroParts.com
this assembly from Steves looks great right out of the box !

Rear seat back rest frame and pad restore pictures

Z28 campbell Rear Backrest Seat00.JPG (5218935 bytes)     Z28 campbell Rear Backrest Seat02.JPG (3164663 bytes)
WOW! we had to STOP! 

the PUI seat covers have come unsealed on the pleat sections, this looks very bad for the customer that has a completion date

Z28 Campbell  PUI Blem 00.JPG (3903398 bytes)   PUISeat blemZ2801.JPG (1452813 bytes) PUISeat blemZ28 00.JPG (887579 bytes)

the front bucket seat kit installed looks nice big thick heat sealed pleats like the original
the rear set is thin and pleats are not heat sealed evenly and the covers are doing a popcorn process as each seam lifts

DOOR PANEL Aftermarket Kit for Z/28 Camaro
Install DIY Project Tips

Z28 Doorpanels 04.JPG (1533845 bytes)      Z28 Doorpanels 02.JPG (1445037 bytes)   Z28 Doorpanels 05.JPG (1440024 bytes)   Z28 Doorpanels 06.JPG (1383649 bytes)

See the pictures of the Camaro Standard Door Panels get the new materials intergreated using the OEM Steel upper sections

See the finished drivers standard Z/28 Doorpanel up the page

1st  you have to use a angled tool to bend the original staples OSBORNE TOOL #120 1/2
You have remove the original upper panel and reset the pressed daggard holes using a angled set of pliers when doing by hand
this means you have to turn the tips up so the pre punched holes will puncture the new panels giving a tight fit.
After you get this removed you have to clean the upper metal panels with Solvent to remove the glue (we use Kent Acrysol)
then use a light acid that wiil remove the surface rust  (Metal Prep)
then spray lite coat of sealer like (Sem Rust Shield)
You can the align the upper panel to the aftermarket assembly doorpanel, using the notches and marks

Next  apply glue to the doorpanel base board and the metal , using a heavy weight hammer to stamp the metal to into the panel, by hand doing strokes like a roman makes his sword, hard and even to get a smooth feel of the new hand sealed upper section

Adding the foam pad that the aftermarket company did not include with the kit
You have to hand cut the 1/4 inch foam to size with angle the cut  to edges

New Z/28 Project
1970 Silver Z28 Camaro for Chris Patane

Z28 70 Camaro Chris Patane 000.jpg (1905299 bytes)   Z28 70 Camaro Chris Patane 001.jpg (3716607 bytes)   
Z28 70 Camaro Chris Patane 004.JPG (234520 bytes)

Headliner will be installed with pics showing as we remove the OEM headliner and replce the seat covers!

Want your Z/28 interior restored so you can enter in a Concours or local Car Show?
  find your interior kit on the net

Also we do basic upholstery labor to install aftermarket kits, seat repairs for the working car owner!

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