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BMW Interior and Upholstery Repairs and Replacements
Convertible Tops installed and Custom Windscreens

MrStitch® WINDSCREENS made for BMW Z3  

BMW Z3 Windscreen 0.jpg (2277446 bytes) BMW Z3 Windscreen 01.JPG (2853660 bytes) BMW Z3 Windscreen.JPG (3335219 bytes) BMW Z3 Windscreen 00.jpg (3155964 bytes) BMW Z3 Windscreen 03.JPG (3112983 bytes)

BMW Z3 Convertible tops installed 58.00 per hour

BMW Z3 Top  Avakoff 00.JPG (1663729 bytes)  BMW Z3 Top  Avakoff 0.JPG (1746994 bytes) BMW Z3 Top  Avakoff 01.JPG (1783287 bytes) BMW Z3 Top  Avakoff 2.JPG (1627638 bytes)
see the before and after look of the aftermarket top installed

BMW 1997 Z3 black cloth top
BMW 1997 Z3 BlackTop Newhouse.jpg (3279769 bytes) BMW 1997 Z3 BlackTop Newhouse 00.JPG (3251764 bytes)BMW 1997 Z3 BlackTop Newhouse 0.jpg (3299912 bytes)
installed for Mr.Newhouse,Esq.

BMW 635i rear shelf upgrades

Fix the rear molded speaker panels that have warped and look nasty
When you look in the rear window of your car
get the oem carpet dyed

You know what mrstitch is talking about!
  your bmw engine runs good the oem paint is still shinning!
but when you look into the rear window the dual speaker assembly is warped and you can see the unglued pad comming apart, plus the carpet color has faded!
You have to sneek up to your car because you are ashamed of the rear deck!

See the New look your bmw rear shelf can have!

Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 009.jpg (2342443 bytes) 1985 BMW 635 CSI Cindy Yue 85 BMW 635 CSI 00.jpg (2036100 bytes)

click on the pics for full page veiw

Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 006.JPG (2118689 bytes)  Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 007.JPG (1662022 bytes)  Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 008.jpg (2215990 bytes)

See the 85 BMW 635 CSI with the redo labor to remove the old pad and dye the rear panel

Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 003.JPG (1849961 bytes)  Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 000.JPG (1937193 bytes)  Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 001.JPG (1852866 bytes)

Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 002.jpg (2577567 bytes)  Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 005.JPG (2079042 bytes)   Bmw 635i Cindy Yue 004.JPG (2198872 bytes)

Leather Replacement kits installed

BMW 2002 Sunroof and cable repair service by MrStitch
See the old dried up seals and broken cable get replaced
BMW 2002 Sunroof 00.jpg (3300333 bytes)
BMW 2002 Sunroof 0.jpg (3156203 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 01.jpg (3378038 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 02.jpg (2721399 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 03.jpg (2949746 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 06.jpg (3540473 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 07.jpg (3352093 bytes)
BMW 2002 Sunroof 04.jpg (3019136 bytes) BMW 2002 Sunroof 05.jpg (1435351 bytes)
for Kwan Kong at Beyond 2000 BMW Service

BMW 325i Seat Vinyl Upholstery kit installed for Priola Auto Body Shop

Priola 325i BMW New Front Seats.JPG (1822131 bytes) Priola Red 325i BMW 0.JPG (3087255 bytes) Priola 325i BMW New Front Seats 0.jpg (2621458 bytes)
Priola 325i BMW New rear backrest.JPG (3285785 bytes)

Priola 325i BMW Old FrontSeats 0.jpg (3323744 bytes)
Priola 325i BMW Old FrontSeats.JPG (3283169 bytes)
1st remove the recliner assembly and tracks clean the rust and grease parts

Priola 325i BMW Old Seat Pad.JPG (1946827 bytes) Priola 325i BMW Old Seat Pad 01.jpg (3317461 bytes) Priola 325i BMW Old Seat Pad 0.JPG (2119157 bytes) Priola 325i BMW New Seat Pad 01.jpg (3802216 bytes) Priola 325i BMW New Cushion 0.jpg (3536659 bytes)
See the inner side bolsters get updated with burlap to fix the common problem with the frame
Priola 325i BMW Old Backrest 0.JPG (2065391 bytes) Priola 325i BMW Old Cushion.JPG (2089273 bytes) Priola 325i BMW New Backrest.jpg (3680639 bytes) Priola 325i BMW New Cushion.JPG (1957558 bytes)
Next! hand sew the tie downs that kit does not install as oem this would be a huge problem for DIY installers!
This the distinctive dippled look that bmw seats have. If this mod is not done the seat pleats look loose and generic
kit company should do update!! This vinyl seat kit fits great now! with mrstitch mods

Get seat and top kits at


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