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Chevelle Upholstery

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This is the MrStitch Chevelle web page

shows pictures of our customers cars and the companys that make aftermarket kits we install
plus custom mods we make to create the Best looking Chevelle auto interior with the unseen inner seat frame work

see the Malibu SS Seat Project

See the 1970 454 Red Chevelle owned by Mitch Stewart

1970 Chevelle Stewart 11.jpg (1157797 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart 10.JPG (198610 bytes)  1970 Chevelle Stewart 12.jpg (971908 bytes)
We installed a complete Foam ,Spring and Seat kit  for this car
1970ChevelleStewart01.JPG (211962 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart02.JPG (215821 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart03.JPG (210928 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart04.JPG (191275 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart05.JPG (271820 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart07.JPG (244942 bytes)  1970ChevelleStewart09.JPG (244489 bytes)

Custom chevelle seats and headliner plus carpets installed

JonnChevelle01.JPG (448305 bytes)
Three on the Tree column shift Chevelle very rare model

Green Chevelle SS

 See the OPG seat kit installed they fit and look Great like Original!

See the Problem doorpanels
Customer purchased as direct replacement but would not fit! the top section will not slide on and fit door properly! the top metal section contour is incorrect and the panels are 1/8 inch to wide so the door does not close evenly.

1971 Chevelle Seats

Chevelle 71 Bucket Seats Daggett 00.JPG (1660344 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Bucket Seats Daggett 01.jpg (2693097 bytes) Chevelle 71 Rear Seats Daggett 00.JPG (3311403 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Rear Seats Daggett 01.JPG (2494673 bytes)
for Chevelle owner Ariana Daggett

See the start to finish pictures
Front and Rear Seats installing aftermarket upholstery kit and restoring old seat frames

 Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 00.JPG (1816110 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 01.JPG (1648395 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 02.JPG (1612893 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 03.JPG (2278654 bytes)  Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 05.JPG (2653521 bytes)

Next, weld the broken seat springs on the drivers cushion and wash the pair with light acid to remove the surface rust.


See the main edge wire that is broken, fixing this makes the seat springs work again and repairs the leaning toward the doorpanel feel that hurts your back and makes the seat upholstery sag.

 Chevelle 71 Old Seat Frames Daggett 09.jpg (3265530 bytes) Chevelle 71 Old Seat Frames Daggett 07.jpg (3237909 bytes)

Before and after welds

 Chevelle 71 Old Seats Daggett 04.jpg (2891947 bytes) Chevelle 71 Old Seat Frames Daggett 11.JPG (2404094 bytes) Chevelle 71 Old Seat Frames Daggett 10.jpg (3104951 bytes)

Before and after metal acid cleaning

 Chevelle 71 New Cushion Frames  Daggett 00.JPG (1993917 bytes) Chevelle 71 New Cushion Frames  Daggett 01.JPG (1897190 bytes)

  Painted frames ready for burlap and jute felt to edge wire

 Chevelle 71 New Cushion Frames Daggett 02.jpg (3533998 bytes) Chevelle 71 New Cushion Frames Daggett 03.jpg (3363532 bytes) Chevelle 71 New Cushion Frames Daggett 04.jpg (2694140 bytes) Next install the new molded seat pads from american cushions

1969 SS 396 Chevelle
Seats and Headliner install Job for Kevin Delee
Chevelle SS396 Delee 00.JPG (2084758 bytes)  Chevelle SS396 Delee .JPG (2128855 bytes) Chevelle SS396 Delee 0.JPG (2626970 bytes)

See the rear seats we did with new burlap and pad to install seat kit
Chevelle 69 rear seats Delee SS 0.jpg (2518348 bytes) Chevelle 69 rear seats Delee SS 00.jpg (2975676 bytes) Chevelle 69 rear seats Delee SS 03.jpg (2636207 bytes)

See the 2 day of Restoration Headliner Job!
Fix roof frame,sew sail panels,clean and paint moldings,steam sailpanels and install clips,dye seat install headliner!
Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner.jpg (3397524 bytes) Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 000.JPG (2917286 bytes) somebody did a starsky and hutch landing on this!  69 396 back in the day!
It pushed the inner bulkhead away from roof!  We called Paul at Auto Metal Svc to see the problem and he gave us a port a power hydraulic unit to push up the center so we could install headliner assembly material
Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 0.jpg (3466937 bytes) Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 00.JPG (3491900 bytes)
Headliner sail panels provided were not curved and needed clips and housing before we tried to glue ,steam and install.
Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 03.jpg (4604323 bytes) Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 04.jpg (3507494 bytes)
This headliner came out looking Original for this 69 396 Chevelle!
Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 05.JPG (2958770 bytes) Chevelle SS396 Delee Headliner 06.JPG (2730124 bytes)
Tools used for headliner install :Steamer and Heat Gun
Next! Front Bucket Seats
Remove old covers and foam clean and remove rust from seat frames,then paint and install burlap pad

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See the Google info Chevelle car upholstery kits on the web


Next coat the bare metal with Sem ProMax XRP

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